PSYCH-K® was originated in 1988 by Robert M. Williams, M.A. He is co-host of the popular DVD “The Biology of Perception…The Psychology of Change”, with his colleague, Dr Bruce Lipton and an internationally recognised speaker and author.

It evolved when Rob concluded that typical councelling techniques, which tend to use “insight” and “motivation” often fall short of creating real and lasting changes.

He spent 14 years developing and perfecting PK, following his background in business and psychotherapy, to create a results-driven approach to personal change.

PSYCH-K® deals with ancient and modern processes to work with the subconscious mind, where we can harbour unwanted self-sabotaging beliefs and habits, to make dramatic and lasting changes quickly and easily. PSYCH-K® is a reflection of Rob Williams’ personal commitment to help people discover their greatness and become the peace that they seek

PSYCH-K® uses a receptive “Whole-Brain State” by utilising the left and right hemisphere of the cerebral cortex, which dramatically reduces resistance to change in the subconscious mind. This is similar to accessing a computer and it works in a simple, direct and verifiable way in order to access the subconscious mind to make the desired changes.

Your subconscious beliefs establish the limits of what you can achieve. If, as often happens, there is a conflict between your subconscious beliefs and your conscious goals, this can have a big effect on many areas of your life, such as relationships, self-esteem, job performance, financial success and even physical health.

PSYCH-K® allows direct communication with your Superconscious and Subconscious minds. Using the spiritual foundation of PSYCH-K® ensures that any changes made are in your highest and best interest. Once confirmation has taken place that a contemplated change is safe and appropriate, you can change self-limiting, subconscious beliefs into self-enhancing and supportive beliefs. So unlike other systems for personal change, PSYCH-K® uses permission protocols to confirm the participation of the subconscious mind.

PSYCH-K® differs from Hypnosis in the following ways:

• Hypnosis puts the therapist “in charge” of the treatment, whereas PSYCH-K® is a process where the facilitator works with the partner to achieve their goals

• Hypnosis usually requires a trance state, which is unnecessary with PSYCH-K®

• Hypnosis may have no spiritual foundation, depending on the therapist. However, PSYCH-K® is always a spiritual process, because it is designed that way.

• Hypnosis usually has no permission protocols and is assumed to be helpful. With PSYCH-K®, spiritual permission protocols are always used through contact with your Higher-Self via muscle testing, so that we confirm that your belief changes are in your highest and best good. This ensures that any well-intentioned, but misguided goals are not processed which could cause negative results.

• In hypnosis, the partner or client must disclose often painful or embarrassing personal information. In PSYCH-K®, this can remain private if the partner prefers.

• Hypnotherapists who also work with PSYCH-K® have found that they typically get the same or better results in half the time (or less) using PSYCH-K®, instead of hypnotherapy.

Muscle testing was discovered in America in 1964 by a man called George Goodheart D.C. and was primarily used by Chiropractic doctors. It is now used as an effective tool to communicate with the subconscious mind to identify limiting beliefs. When we hold a stressful thought, or make a statement with which the subconscious mind disagrees, a confused message is sent to the brain, creating an electrical conflict. This conflict then leads to a weakened signal from the brain, through the nervous system, and ultimately to the muscles, causing a weakened muscle response when tested. PSYCH-K® therefore easily identifies any self-sabotaging beliefs which you wish to change and following the process, the beliefs/goals are then tested, to verify that the change has been made successfully. This makes PSYCH-K® an easy and straightforward process.

We will have an initial conversation about how things are for you right now. If there
are many topics that you would like to work on, it can be helpful to focus primarily
on your most important topic during the first session, which will be on Skype.
Once we have identified how things are for you now (what your current experience
is), we will talk about what you would like to experience instead. These new, desired
experiences might be emotional, mental, physical, practical or spiritual.
Together, we can then begin the process to transform your current experience (how
things are now) into your desired experience (how you want things to be instead).
There are various ways we can do this, such as creating and integrating new
emotionally meaningful Goal Statements (beliefs) in your subconscious mind,
transforming the perception of the experience, if you find you are feeling stressed
when you think about it, or there might be some messages in your experience. These
options can be discussed to establish which will be the most appropriate for you and
your current situation at the time of your session.
You will experience the PSYCH-K® Balances (change processes) as if you were in
the session in person. The only difference between an online session and an in person
session is that I will do the muscle testing on your behalf. I usually use a pendulum
for online sessions, so that you can see the movement of the pendulum on the screen.
You will be able to see each muscle testing result this way.
It can be tempting to want to change everything in one session. However, focusing on one topic per session can be more meaningful than working on lots of different areas and sometimes, it may take more than one session to resolve a particular issue.
My role as a PSYCH-K® Preferred facilitator is to help you connect to the power and the
wisdom that is within you and to help you decide what you want to believe, rather
than suggesting or telling you what you should believe.
Changing beliefs in a PSYCH-K® session is like planting seeds in the subconscious
mind. Once the new beliefs are ‘planted’, there is new potential available to you.
The tangible results of the subconscious change come from taking appropriate action.
Towards the end of the session, we will revisit your overall goal and create an action
plan, which will consist of 1 or 2 actions to take after the session. These actions are
like a ‘to do’ list and will help you to bring your new subconscious change into conscious

FIrst Session: you will be offered a FREE Phone or Skype call prior to the session which is up to 30 minutes. During the call, we can talk about how things are for you now and what you would like instead and I can explain how the session will work and answer any questions you may have. We will then follow with up a 1 hour Skype session, where you will have the opportunity to make the subconscious change you desire.

Free 30 Minute Session

First Session cost: £75 1 Hour

Follow Up Sessions Cost: £75 1 Hour

Discounted Packages Are Available. Details on request.

Session Payment and Cancellation Policy

Payment must be received at least 24 hours prior to the start of your session and preferably on booking. If payment is not received prior to the session, the session will be rescheduled for another time and 20 minutes will be taken off the session time.

Payment Details

Paypal: You will be sent the link for your payment following your booking. Alternatively, card payments can be taken over the phone.

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If you would like to discuss how we can work together to help you achieve your goals, please call me on 01244 639581/07806 430292 and I will be happy to help you.