Angels have been with us from the very beginning. They are documented in every religion since before the Egyptians. They are mentioned many times in the Bible, one of the most well known being the Archangel Gabriel, who foretold the birth of Jesus to Mary. Whether or not you follow a religion or have other beliefs, the angelic energies are always there in the background. Even those who don’t believe have experienced a presence or guiding spirit in their lives at some points, which they couldn’t explain.


I have been interested in angels for many years and have read many books about how we always have our guardian angels with us throughout our lives to guide and help us, with any big or small issues we may have. It’s very comforting to know that even if we feel alone, we are never totally on our own, as our angels are always with us. We have only to acknowledge them and ask them to help us and they will ease our way with small problems such as finding a parking space, to guiding us in making the right decisions in life. The angels love to help us and wait for us to ask for their help, in any way that we may need them. However, we are all free to make our own decisions in life and nothing is set in stone. The future is something which you create for yourself, which is very empowering.

Angel cards do not predict the future, but they can accurately and sometimes uncannily, reflect what is going on in a client’s life, even if they may not have consciously accepted it themselves yet. Guidance is provided, if they wish to follow it.Unlike certain Tarot cards, the angel cards all have positive and uplifting messages, so you will not choose any cards which you might find worrying or disturbing, just loving messages from the angels to encourage you on your personal and spiritual path in life.
People who request an angel card reading are often at a crossroads in life, or trying to make a change or improvement in some area of their lives. It could be about relationships, career guidance, or just general questions about finding their own purpose in life. To find the answers, I tune into the client’s guardian angels, while the cards are shuffled and the ones at the top, or which jump out when the shuffling stops, are the ones which will provide the right messages for that client. I don’t know how that works – it just does!
People are curious about how I can connect with angels, but in fact anyone can. You don’t have to be a psychic medium or someone who talks to spirits - it isn’t a mystical power which a chosen few people have, but it is true that certain people have a stronger ability to communicate with the Divine/Universe or Angelic Realms, than others. I cannot read minds and I can only tune into your angels with your permission and they will only provide the key messages which you request – nothing else about you or your life.

I have felt for a long time that I am here to help people and I  definitely felt strongly guided by the angels to do card readings (and also to facilitate PSYCH-K® which is explained in detail on this website, if that is something which you feel will help you). I trained in my Angel card reading with Chrissie Astell, who is renowned for uplifting and inspiring clients throughout the world for over 20 years with her one-to-one Card Readings and Spiritual Guidance consultations. She created the Guardian Angel Oracle cards which I use, through meditation and messages which gave her the images and accompanying messages for each of the 52 cards. The meanings and interpretation can differ from person to person, depending on their situation at that time, but the messages are always appropriate and conveyed from the angels in a kind and compassionate way to guide clients on their path. Sessions can take place online through Skype, or in person if you live locally to Hawarden Flintshire.

£25 1 hour
£15 for 30 minutes.

"I had an angel card reading with Cynthia and would absolutely recommend. What a positive beautiful, thought provoking and peaceful experience. Thank you Cynthia. I will definitely be back." Rebecca T.

"I really enjoyed the experience. So calming and peaceful. Very healing. I'll definitely be returning." Pamela H.

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